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What materials can I use my Z-Press tool on?

The brilliance of a Z press tool is that you can change jaws very quickly and easily enabling you to work on different plumbing mediums in seconds with just one tool. M and V-profile jaws are designed to be used on copper, stainless steel and carbon steel systems. TH and U-profiles jaws are designed to […]

How does the 2 year extended warranty work?

If you register your tool on our web site, you will be eligible for an extended 2 year or 60,000 press warranty against failure due to manufacturing defect, as long as you have the tool serviced every 30,000 presses or 1 year, whichever comes sooner. Warranty work will be carried out at our UK workshop […]

How do I get my Z-Press tool serviced?

If your tool needs servicing or is not working correctly please register your return through our booking system on the ZPress website. Once authorised you can return it to the place of purchase with from with proof of purchase and the warranty card that came with the tool, plus the Unique Return Code (URC). We […]