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Who are Z-Press stockists?

The Z-Press range of battery operated press tools from Zupper are built for the professional trades person. The trades that are using press fitting technology is varied and includes, heating engineers, air conditioning contractors, ventilation installers and mechanical engineering contractors. All of these trades have adopted press tools and press fittings because of the speed, […]

Are press-fit systems more expensive?

The use of press piping solutions, m-profile press-fit specifically, has grown extensively over the last few years. Press-fit has actually been around for many years but in recent times its use has increased exponentially. This increase could be attributed to various things that have changed within the plumbing, heating and HVAC industry and this blog […]

Understanding terms related to Press Fittings and tools

The decision to move to a press system for heating, hot water or gas is becoming easier with the access to affordable quality M-Profile press tools like the battery operated Z-Press by Zupper. The range consists of two models, the PZ-1930 and PZ-1550 which are different machines and press different jaw sizes. The PZ-1550 presses […]

What are angled jaws?

With the press revolution in full swing Z-Press by Zupper Tools is constantly evolving with the market. The market is demanding more types of press fittings, including valves and other types of connectors that aid the use of press. This would include a full range of gas approved M-Profile press fittings by the manufacturer Cupro-Fit. […]

A guide to Press Fittings

The use of fittings in plumbing, heating and hot water systems is essential to create the complex and intricate systems that have evolved. The fittings allow for the use of filters, valves, control units and shut-off valves, for instance lever ball valves. They also are key to allow the pipework to travel around a building […]

All about hot works on plumbing and heating applications

The definition of Hot Work is from the HSE and is the “use of open fires, flames and work involving the application of heat by means of tools or equipment”(HSE, 2023). The types of tools that are used to create heat or flames are welding, brazing, soldering but also applicable are the tools that create […]

What are press tools?

In todays heating, hot water and plumbing sector the changes in materials use is being determined increasingly by the applications they are being used for the legislations that are being applied to that job. An example of this is the requirement in a lot of situations where there is no-hot work allowed. This refers to […]

Z-Press Tools by Zupper

Models available in the UK The Z-Press tools are exclusively made by Zupper for the UK market and sold through the Z-Press brand. Currently there is two M-Profile Tools available in the UK, PZ-1930 and the PZ-1550. These two highly compact and powerful tools allow for different pipe and fittings to be pressed time after […]