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What are angled jaws?


With the press revolution in full swing Z-Press by Zupper Tools is constantly evolving with the market. The market is demanding more types of press fittings, including valves and other types of connectors that aid the use of press. This would include a full range of gas approved M-Profile press fittings by the manufacturer Cupro-Fit. The gas fitting is different to a normal press fitting as the o-ring is HNBR and are BSI KME approved to EN1245-7 and are required to be used on EN1057 copper tube. It is also yellow in colour whereas the normal press fitting is black. This signifies that the press fitting market for copper, stainless steel and other pipe systems are satisfying increasingly more applications. These applications are now becoming widespread and not just because of the restrictions in some places of no hot works.

Press tools for all pipe sizes

The increasing use of press is down to the access of great compact, easy to use M-Profile press tools like the Z-Press. The consistency and reliability of the Z-Press tool is market leading plus with also the variety of jaws and jaw sizes that are available it offers an unrivalled tool for the professional installer or M&E Contractor. The Z-Press tool can press from 15 mm up to 54 mm whilst using the quick release and exchange system in both tools, PZ-1930 and PZ-1550. The PZ-1550 comes complete with jaws up to 54 mm in a handy carry case with two batteries and a fast charger. The PZ-1930 also comes complete with a handy carry case, two batteries, fast charger and jaws from 15 mm to 28 mm. This M-Profile press tool is a great starter tool into the press world and is lightweight, compact and easy to use. It is ideal for plumbers, installers, heating engineers, HVAC and commercial mechanical engineering contractors. As well as have a press cycle counter, quick release jaw mechanism and offers 350 press cycles on one charge.


Increased flexibility

The applications for both tools are with fittings used on stainless steel tube, copper and plastic. It is used in heating, hot water, potable water and gas installations. This variety of possible installations has now been made even simpler and more effective with the introduction of Z-Press Angled M-profile jaws. These angled jaws are available for Z-press battery operated press tools now and require a different starting jaw adaptor which is included in the kit.

This kit then contains angled jaws in various sizes up to 35 mm and allows for a press to be possible at 180º. This allows the user to press close to a wall and in a tight space that might not be possible with a normal press jaw. The 180º degree press adaptor and jaws are only suitable for the PZ-1930 and increase the flexibility, usability and opportunity of this tool to be used in all applications. Z-Press have nationwide stockists who have angled jaws ready to sell (please check stocks first). Please use our Stockist Lookup page here

Starting to use press fittings and tools has never been easier and with lots of reasons to join the revolution, for instance no contaminants, less callbacks, better quality fittings and more competitive and reliable tools. The Z-Press range of M-Profile Press tools are available across the UK and have full service and warranty support.