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What are press tools?

In todays heating, hot water and plumbing sector the changes in materials use is being determined increasingly by the applications they are being used for the legislations that are being applied to that job. An example of this is the requirement in a lot of situations where there is no-hot work allowed. This refers to the use of naked flames or soldering torches to complete joints and pipework. These requirements are often due to heath and safety or building control restriction due to heritage. Press tools can come in many forms and are commonly hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical and can be categorised by the types of operation performed using the tool, such as blanking, piercing, bending, forming, forging and trimming. These are the classification of press tools and specifically Z-Press by Zupper produce are using hydraulic battery power operated tools to perform the press function.

Manufacturers of Press Tools

There are lots of manufacturers of press tools that include some well known brands like Rothenberger, Milwaukee and Rigid to more specific and professional focused tools such as Rems, Klauke and Novopress. Each tool manufacturer offer a range of press tools that with different models offering a choice of power and jaw size compatibility. Z-Press have a Jaw Compatibility Chart that allows the user to attach jaws from Novopress and many more manufacturers to its own tool. These tools are often sold to mechanical engineers, installers, heating engineers, underfloor heating contractors, M&E Contractors and builders alike. The investment in a press tool is more than a standard power tool although with the increasing costs of power tools due to expanded performance, power and complexity of application, the battery press tool has remained extremely affordable. Its affordability is greatly increased when used more frequently as the price of normal ancillary costs, such as solder, flux and other consumables are not required when a quick, clean and fast joint is created with a press tool.

Types of jaw profiles

There are also a few different types of press profile jaws, M, V and B-Profile which press the equivalent press fittings. The M-Profile press fitting is predominantly used on drinking water, gas and is corrosion free, chemical resistant and dimensionally stable. The Z-Press tools are supplied with M-Profile jaws and various sizes from 15 mm up to 54 mm. In comparison to soldering the press fittings are faster, safer, easier and cleaner to install. With all types of connections it is highly important to key the pipe and joint correctly in order to create the best seal. In some mechanical applications there is welding, brazing and soldering to complete connections. With press fittings there is not a requirement to use complementary consumables and this saves time. There is also the fact that press fittings are extremely secure and they can be used on multiple types of pipe, plastic, steel and copper. This versatility allows the professional heating or hot water engineer to make use of multiple pipes and fittings systems while using only one tool to do the job. This attribute allows the user to work on gas, water and steam pipework, and even if the pipework is wet. This makes repairs easier and reduces interruptions of service within the system in a commercial application.